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Northwave is one of the latest real estate projects masterminded by the firm Hao Yuan and it is currently being built in Singapore. Hao Yuan happened to be the winning bidder for a plot of land assigned for redevelopment by the government of Singapore. The bidding process as always was managed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority or URA. The URA chose the bid placed by Hao Yuan as it was higher than those placed by rival firms. The Northwave project should be completed before the end of next year.

Northwave EC Woodlands Gambas

Located in District 12 of Singapore the Northwave project consists of multi storey blocks of executive condos, intended to be brought by young and ambitious business people. There will be a mixture of condos with differing numbers of bedrooms so that families as well as couples and people living on their own will want to live thewill The developers anticipate that sales of these executive condos will be high as soon as they become available on pre sale a few months prior to the final completion of the complex. Hao Yuan hope that the new condos will be stylish enough to appeal business executives ahead of rival condo complexes built and been built on the island.

Northwave Woodlands Ave 12 Hao Yuan

District 12 already has some popular condo complexes, part of the reason why the firm were keen to build the Northwave project in the first place. The completion of earlier housing and retail projects meant that travel infrastructures have already been put into place, adding to the attraction of the area for potential buyers. As a firm Hao Yuan already has experience of successful property construction and real estate projects, so they know that they can all of the condos at Northwave. Future residents can be assured they will be buying one of the best condos around.