605 Residential Units in Rivercove Residences at Fernvale Site

Rivercove residences are known for their beauty, but beauty isn’t the only reason to get one. They also offer a relaxed lifestyle, a lifestyle full of convenience, one we term as easy living. If you want to take pleasure in a slower day-to-day pace, yet you still want to cram your schedule with fun-filled activities, Rivercove residences could be just for you. Family day trips are one of the many ways why Rivercove residences are easier to stay in. Rivercove Residences Fernvale Site consist of 605 units of max 555,288 sqft of Gross Floor Area.

605 Residential Units in Rivercove Residences Sengkang

A family day trip at the beach eat up a lot of your time from planning what to get on the grocery to shopping for a perfect umbrella to cover you, highway traffic and the rush to that perfect place spot on the crowded sand. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your belongings particularly your purse or wallet. Also put in mind the bathrooms of your local public beach. Probably not so pleasant. You’d actually wash the sand off everything you’ve brought, load everything in the car, load the children and fight the traffic again all the way home.

14 Bids Received for Rivercove Residences in Fernvale Site

Now compare that typical day at a beach to a day’s worth at a Rivercove residence with your family and friends, just a few meters away, to take pleasure in a private family day trip with the wonderful beach sand and the balmy sun. Rivercove residences also offer the chance to pursue your hobbies that can uplift your spirit and forget your concerns. Do you like birdwatching? Look out for those amazing birds in your yard! If you like painting or photography, a simple stroll can offer you a number of scenery as new subject to your hobby. You can go on short or long nature hikes, adore the fresh breezes, swim along the shore after dinner, sit in a rocking chair on your porch and adore the golden waters at sunset.

Rivercove Residences 555,288 Square Feet Gross Floor Area

During winter, you can also have fun in plenty of sports like ice skating and probably ice hockey. All of those activities can make you a fulfilled and a happier individual. Owning a Rivercove residence makes you popular and easier for you to host reunions, parties or any event. Many Rivercove residences are situated near markets or shopping plazas, places that you can walk to, which further adds to the convenience of the house. If you’ve always wanted to live in comfort and ease, away from noise and traffic and hustle and bustle, you might want to start searching online today for available Rivercove residences.