Allgreen Properties History and Projects

Allgreen Properties are diverse, luxury properties that you can trust. Allgreen was established all the way back in 1986, though its history of property-related business ventures may be traced back to 1980. That’s a long time of getting property right, and making the property that you’ll not only love but the property that one could be proud of as well. Allgreen Properties is a leading property company in Singapore, providing some of the best residential properties, business properties, retail properties and much more, including a hotel. Each property is high end and something that people want to associate with.

Allgreen Properties History and Projects

One such property is the lush Fourth Avenue Residencies, which feature lush greenery and Good Glass Bungalow Areas, providing exceptional living standards near some of the most prestigious schools. This residence is made for families who expect more out of where they’re living, proving the best living spaces and amenities that Singapore could ask for. From beautiful views to a full pool, there’s a lot to love with Fourth Avenue. Their latest project will be Pasir Ris Central condo next to Pasir Ris MRT Station.

Latest Projects by Allgreen Properties

Another great current Allgreen property is Juniper Hill. Juniper Hill is placed upon a higher ground within the amazing and exclusive Bukit Timah-Tanglin enclave. Featuring luxurious spaces with great views, there’s a lot to enjoy about Juniper Hill. Not only is each unit luxurious, impressive and top of the market but Juniper Hill is also just 1km from some of Singapore’s most prestigious schools. Some of these schools include Anglo-Chines School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, and St. Joseph Institution.

Overseas Venture by Allgreen Properties

Allgreen Properties currently have overseas ventures as well, such as a new development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, among other great locations. Currently, there are plenty of properties offered throughout multiple areas, including Singapore and Vietnam. Another amazing yet notable current project would have to be Royalgreen properties. These homes are luxurious, elegant, realistic and made for families who expect more from their living space. Just a short trip from prestigious Singapore schools, Royalgreen is perfect for respectable families who want a luxurious yet practical living space.

From residencies to offices to shopping centers and much more, Allgreen Properties offers locations that move with you and grow with you. Forever a moving and evolving company, Allgreen believes in luxury, expansion, and progress. Understanding what consumers want and need and developing the properties they seek most. With new projects coming daily, there’s a luxurious living or shopping space for nearly every type of customer.