Parc Botannia Sing Development Floor Plans Available

It is important to us that we provide you with the floor plans that are available at Parc Botannia Floor Plans, so you can see how we can best support your lifestyle. Whether you are business oriented and desire simplicity, or are concerned more about your friends and being able to host social events, or simply need something to fit your family, you will find a floor plan at Parc Botannia Wee Hur that will meet your needs. Below is a brief description of the available floor plans, but please note that they are subject change at the discretion of the developer:

Parc Botannia Various Floor Plans Available

Parc Botannia Condo is proud to offer a wide range of units, which are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedroom layouts. The majority of the units face outward, either facing Sengkang West Way or Fernvale Street, offering a great view of the abundant life in this new development. It is also important to note that if you choose to call one of our units on the 6th floor or higher, home, you will be graced with a beautiful, un-blocked view. There are many different floor plans available at Parc Botania which is by Sing Development and Wee Hur Development.

If you have any questions or desire to know more about the available units at Parc Botannia Fernvale Road, please do not hesitate to contact. We would be more than happy to provide you with a full copy of the available floor plans, we just ask that you first read our disclaimer regarding the usage of Parc Botannia’s floor plans. Please feel free to explore our beautiful location more in depth. More information is provided at site plans and project details.

Parc Botannia Location at Fernvale Road

Parc Botannia is proud to offer a wide range of amenities to meet your recreational needs and desires. Below you will see the layout for the swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, BBQ pit and indoor gym. No other development offers such a life of luxury in the Fernvale/Sengkang area, you and your family will feel like you are living at a resort! Parc Botannia Wee Hur is located on sprawling terrain that is surrounded by the beautiful views of the Fernvale Crescent forest. Additionally, the units have been constructed in such a mindful way, to not only provide the majority of our residents a view of our luxurious pool, but to also reduce the amount of sun-glare in our west facing bedrooms and living rooms. You will also be treated to an overlooking view of the Sengkang Riverside Park, adding an exclamation point to the exclusive and serene lifestyle available only at Parc Botannia. Call today to see how you can call Parc Botannia “home”.Please feel free to explore our beautiful location more in depth. More information is provided at floor plans and project details.

Parc Botannia Sing Development and Wee Hur Development

Parc Botannia is a development of the future. This private development, which has a 99 year lease, is expected to be completed in 2022, and will comprise of four 22-story towers, offering a total of 735 units of various sizes and floor plans. It is situated on Fernvale Road, right next to the Thanggam LRT Station in District 28. The residents of this luxurious development will be able to easily access Compass Point and the Seletar Mall for some shopping, dining, and family fun. A life of luxury and liberty, awaits you.

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